Christmas Turkeys


cache_2426149795If you have never tasted a Butler’s Bronze turkey, you are missing out on a fine gastronomic experience! Say goodbye to dry and tasteless….our turkeys are never frozen and are reared and prepared to be perfect on the day – moist and full of flavour, just the way they should be.

Try one this year and change your Christmas dinner forever.

Traditional Methods

cache_2426149786Butlers is a family-run business and we have been rearing traditional farm fresh turkeys at our Berkshire Farm since 1970.

We maintain the highest welfare standards for our turkeys. Our Bronze turkeys are raised in spacious open barns with natural light and ventilation. All our turkeys are special slow-growing traditional breeds, raised to full maturity. They are fed on a balanced cereal diet that contains no growth-promoting additives. We use traditional, centuries-old production methods and our turkeys are dry plucked and hand finished.


Our turkeys are presented in individual carry home boxes. Inside the box, the oven-ready turkey is wrapped in greaseproof paper with a sprig of rosemary, a recipe leafet and cooking instructions – everything you need to cook the perfect turkey on Christmas Day!

Order Guidelines

When ordering Butler’s Bronze Turkeys (Christmas only), calculate 500g per person per average meal (250g for breast roast). We cannot guarantee the exact weight, please allow +/- 500g
(1kg – approximately 2.2lbs).

Ordering and Payment

Please visit our Christmas Meats & Poultry page, where you can download a form to complete your order.

We require a £20 deposit for all Christmas orders, which can be paid online or by cheque (see order page for details).